Code Geass Gilbert G.P Guilford Cosplay Costume

## Own Your Iconic Code Geass Moment with the Gilbert G.P. Guilford Cosplay Costume!

Calling all enthusiasts! Embody the legendary character Gilbert G.P. Guilford from the acclaimed anime “Code Geass” with this meticulously crafted cosplay ensemble.

The Code Geass Gilbert G.P. Guilford Cosplay Costume features an authentic red uniform coat, tailored pants, a belt for a commanding presence, and sleek gloves to complete the iconic look. Made from durable uniform cloth, it ensures both comfort and durability for your memorable cosplay moments. With a net weight of 1.10kg and shipping weight of 1.20kg, it offers optimal mobility for your performance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your admiration for the unforgettable “Code Geass” series. Order your Code Geass Gilbert G.P. Guilford Cosplay Costume today at and seize the spotlight at any cosplay event or anime convention!

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